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Sep 17, 2009
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A friend in SW. Missouri asked for some help replacing some parts on his 515 sickle mower. Apparently the parts are no longer available and I need some measurements or drawings to fabricate replacements. Can any help me or tell me where to get drawings ? (Will post part numbers later)
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Which parts do you need info for? I have one sitting in the shed, and have a manual in the cabinet.
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242629 #8 in assm dwg. (bar assy. , lift)
242629 #4 in assm dwg. (bracket, lift bar)

Pictures of the clipping wheel attachment.
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Hi sir if you don't mind me asking if you still have parts for your 515 side mower ? and if so if you could help out to find a drive assembly 9A from drive housing assembly ? thx in advance !