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Apr 25, 2023
Ford 1910
Good evening, I’ve taken on a project in restoring an auction buy non-runner Ford 1910. Apart from a cracked crank, which I’ve sorted with a second hand one, I’ve also discovered the front near side pinion has worn down(as result of bearing braking and years of metal smashing around in the axle)

I’m in search of a Ford 1910 pinion and ring, I think from internet search the part number is SBA326240330

I’m UK based and its somewhat of a challenge to find one or an alternative.

Any help greatly received, is there another model that has same part? And tips on where I may find this part?

Thank you
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Try Maine Tractor Crossing. He buys older machines and has a lot of parts on hand. I added a PTO to an old John Deere using parts from him. Not sure about the international shipping, but you can check with him.