Ford 1000 pricing?

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red alder ranch

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Jul 29, 2011
SW Washington state
There's a Ford 1000 with a 770 loader for sale near me, about 800 hours, new glow plugs, new seat, seems to be in pretty serviceable shape. Local fixit guy picked it up from the original family ownership to clean up and resell. He's asking $4500 which I think is too high, but he said to make him an offer.

What's a decent price range for something like this? It would be a second tractor for me, probably dedicated to a brush hog mower. I was also considering running a PTO firewood splitter off of it, but I think the 25hp is probably marginal for most of what I've seen available.

I'm in the PNW.

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With the 770 loader the price of 4500 is right in the ball park.