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Jul 29, 2013
Sacramento, California
Kubota B21
A tall pine tree on our Virginia property died a couple years ago. Usually I just wait until they fall down in a thunderstorm, that is safer than trying to cut them down. This one was located right at the intersection of a driveway and a path leading down to our boat dock. And starting to drop branches. So it was dangerous to people and vehicles. I decided to push it over with the backhoe. Extended the hoe all the way straight back, about 12' of clearance from operator to tree, and backed into the tree about 8 ft up. The instant I touched it, the top 25 ft of the tree broke off toward the tractor. No time to move or anything. The sheet metal is bent about 3" down at the corner where the tree hit. Right under that obviously was my head and shoulder. Never thought I would need that roof but glad to have it. In retrospect I probably should have hired a a tree outfit with a tall bucket truck to take it down from above.


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Yep, good thing you had a FOPS. Glad you are OK. As you already now know... never push on a dead tree. I push on smallish living trees, but not before checking for dead limbs in them. It is also why I never walk in the woods on a windy day.

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Judging from the crease in the canopy, that would have left a mark on your melon for sure! :shocked: Glad you were able to drive away unscathed.

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The FOPS system on the Kubota TLB are pretty darn tough. My B26 top is plastic (no dents) with some steel cross bracing underneath it. I have had some pretty good sized dead limbs fall out of trees on to the top without damage when I was under-brushing. I wonder why they don't offer that option on all CUT's?
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Glad you made out ok!

And i really try not to go out in the forest during high winds. My current tractor has an immensely strong rops/fops, plate steel that will ring your noggin if you contact it when climbing in. Had some pretty big limbs drop out from 40 50 feet, startles the heck out of you but not a ding on the fops.
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I used to have a big steel FOPS on "old blue" My first tractor a Long 2360. It was so tough you could walk on it. I hit a low limb or two, and it just tore them off. The limbs not the FOPS:)