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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
1948 Allis Chambers Model B 1976 265 MF / 1983 JD 310B Backhoe / 1966 Ford 3000 Diesel / 1980 3600 Diesel
Saturday morning we looked at an Ebay sourced JD 310 B 25 miles away then the same model that evening 125 miles away that was found on Craigslist. The Ebay unit sounded powerful but was one major patched up BH with the RR wheel missing a lug bolt and was working (not tight) causing a popping/clucking sound from time to time. It was the kind you would hid behind an outbuilding. :)

We expected the same from the one sourced from Craigslist so the kids had their heart set on a visit to Opry Mills Mall (Nashville) to bounce then eat.

It turned out we ate at McDonald's in the first town on the way back home at about 10 PM. Both the son and daughter (12 year olds) said BUY IT so the inspection and dealing got serious.

We got there just before dark and when we walked up to it I knew if we were serious about getting an old BH this one needed a serious look. It had not even been washed or steamed so you could judge the leaking issues quickly and while being used with dings, etc was was straight looking with OK paint/decals for that era and the only welding was on the buckets due to wear. Most pins and bushings are fine for private farm use except for about 4. Some hoses were new some where old and only one needs to be replaced before it sees much use.

The owners had purchased it three years ago from Craigslist and put together a 24 acre place including site prep for building. Since they did not plan to use the BH much anymore they wanted to get just a loader for their newer Kabota.

I rode down with the truck driver yesterday to pick it up and finish the business deal and we unloaded it at the house at 10 PM and the kids had to test out the hoe. Our son wanted to dig a hole but I said NO since it was set up in the middle of the rock covered driveway. :)

Being 27 years old we expect it to need some things but it starts, runs, moves and stops well. I have read the manual twice and hope to fine a parts and shop manual but unlike for Case and others they are not floating around on Ebay, etc for JD it seems.

Time will tell but we are happy today. We got a straight looking 1983 JD 310 B and expect to keep it for 10-20 years if it does not develop major power train issues.

After some soap and water, rubbing compound and wax plus a new seat the general appearence will be fine. Appearence is somewhat important to us. It will be visable where it is parked and most likely the only loader/backhoe we will ever own but even more important I think it indicates the kind of past care it has had. I noticed it had NAPA Gold line of filters which indicates to me service was of concern for the past owners.

If you are in the market I feel for you. It is really hard to know what to buy. Being a cleaner older BH made it jump out at us but spending three hours with the owners/operators of it for the past three years sealed the deal. Too many have been bought at auctions with no history.

The owners stood and watched us pull away after helping load and boom it down well. They kept thinking of things to tell us about its care and how to use it right up until we were getting into the truck.
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Good on you.
Now, we like pics. :)

Before and after your heavy clean-up would be great.
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Thanks. I am still trying to figure out the attaching of a photo on this site. As for new phots the kids still have not figured out what they did with the USB cable. :)

It is to be near 80 today so we do plan to wash it.
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Good for you, so when are gonna get some pics?:)
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Thanks for the link Tom. I saw enough posts to know it is what I need to study up on.
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Well I found a service and a parts book tonight on Ebay that hopefully will be helpful in understanding our "new" 1983 JD 310B backhoe.

The parts book is for the 310A but I have been told the 310B was basically the same at the A. Not sure if the 310 (not A or B) service manual will be that close but I have been told the major difference is the straight 310 was the 50 HP 3 cylinder engine. The 310A had four making 58 HP and the 310B reported making 62 HP. One source of specs show 12,519 pound for each of the three and the 310B pump flowing 30 gallons per hour vs. 23 for the 310 and 310A.

If any other owners or past owners can had to the model differences please do. The model years I found with some production over lap were:
310 1971-1975
310A 1976-1982
310B 1983-1986

On ebay I have yet to see any of the three types of factory manuals for a 310B. Shaefers used parts said if I could come up with a 310A parts manual we could punt from that point on finding me used parts.
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Today was a good day. I got a 310 JD service manual and a 310A parts manual for our 310B. I have read the service manual and am excited about owning our first JD. I will get to the parts manual next and tackle these 400 pages.

I also put our hoe bucket into "dig" position vs. "load" position where it has been for 27 years and cut through the bushings. I am digging up trees/stumps/etc and putting it in the power position really gets you through the roots faster plus we have a set of new bushings for that pin which is new like for the bucket now. :)

Reading the manual when you do not know everything can be helpful. I had thought those other holes were for a different machine or something. :)