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First of all my condolences for your loss.
I was blessed to be with both of my parents when they passed in 2014. Mom in August (complications from inoperable lung cancer) and Dad in December (broken heart emphysema, heart failure, and alzheimers/dementia related problems). They had been married a few days shy of 61 years when Mom passed. The order of passing was in itself a blessing. So long as my Mother was alive my Father by force of will would be there with her. My sister and I counted 7 or 8 times in his last 10-12 years he should have died but didn't. His answer as to why he survived, while still clear headed was he had to take care of his "girl". after these almost 8 years I still miss them, occasionally shed a tear, especially when something catches me by suprise and I think I have to tell them about it. They are in a far better place now with no more pain and suffering.
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but my thinking is that the fall is from the body giving out due to whatever. Even if he didn't fall, his body was most likely failing or declining.
I agree with you, particularly on his body.

That said, he could have stayed bedridden for months after the fall. Perhaps a roll of the dice, but some are more lucky than others when it's their time to leave. Again, I consider ourselves blessed that he went quickly.
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They are in a far better place now with no more pain and suffering.
We all have to remember we ALL will be there sometime.

When I looked down on my dad during his last breaths, I honestly don't know if he heard me or not, but I know I will be in the exact same position as him someday and I'll find out.
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Sorry about your dad.
Falls are the second most common way for the elderly to lose their lives
My uncle is 95 now. Served in WW2, single all his life (knew his girlfriend as my aunt all of my life, and he would have married her but didn't, and I still don't have that full story). He took a fall down a flight of stairs that could have killed me 15 years ago.

He's been in a nursing the last 3 years, and like the last year of my dad's life, his life sucks in his opinion living where he's at.
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Condolences for your loss SIG.

Take comfort in that you were able to say your goodbyes and tell him that you loved him.

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My son is a nurse for the VA. He was a combat medic in the Army before that.
What I learned from my son is avoid the VA hospital if at all possible.
Yep. It's been my experience with the VA and family members is they are a killing machine. Don't go there unless you plan on dying. And you'll probably have to wait for hours. At least you'll get a free burial though.🎖️
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You're a good son sig.
Loosing Dads are hard to overcome.
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Have to laugh...

Getting all the arrangements together for my dad as he's going to be laid to rest at Indian Town Gap National Cemetery up in Pennsylvania. Call up the local restaurant by the cemetery to book a private luncheon after the service for immediate family (probably 20-30 people).

The girl at the restaurant asks me if this will a single check or checks for everyone individually. I had to tell her that I would never be that big of a pain in the arse to expect them to write up multiple checks for so many people. She was actually appreciative of that. I still remember when people did that when I waited on tables in school (individual checks for large parties), and I hated it.

Biggest hurdle... getting the 7 dogs boarded, which has been done.
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My dad was discharged from WW2 at Indian Town Gap.
RIP to your father.