F700 Radiator flushed, rehosed and filled.

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Well when we made the 300 mile trip home with the 'new' 1989 F700 it was the first week of Dec last year. I swear the coolant looked like a tractor that got filled out of the pond all summer but it came over Mount Eagle and the temp gauge was stead as a rock. We went directly into a period of hard freezing so I just added pure antifreeze to get the required protection.

Finally a couple months ago we flushed on it until it all cleared up by making several fills and dumps then put in the hot water hose running at the same rate the lower radiator drain was flowing for about an hour then we put in two bottles of Prestone Radiator Cleaner (the kind your are to drive with for up to 6 hours.

The by-pass hose had to be ordered special so it came in today and about 8:30 this evening we got it back together and added four gallons of the green stuff to the 2 gallons of water still in the block. We drove a 40 mile round trip for a test drive and pickup up about 20 pallets that a drug company by the office sets out on the corner of their parking lot. Since they are any and all shapes, sizes and out of soft wood the demand is low for that quality and the kids and I just haul them so we do not have to look at them. The more crappy ones we will use under the bushhog and box blade and others will be used to set stuff on since we now have the chain on forks that work quite well.

Back to the flushing. The lower hose still had the NAPA part number on it so I was not going to replace it until I looked close and it was starting to swell a lot. Same for one of the heater hoses that seemed to be OEM Motorcraft so I just replaced all hoses. The steel coil in the lower hose had almost rusted away so I was glad I pulled it.

After all the flushing with the heater running I blew out the heater core by mouth and it had a lot of rust in it so I did several bi-directional flushes with hot water out of the hose.

If I do nothing for 20 years I think it will be cleaner than when I bought it.:thumbsup: