Ever discover a good small restaurant?

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Frederick area used to have some really good local places, a lot have closed like barbara fritche, dandee, jug bridge seafood.
May’s seafood is good.
Downtown and Rt 40west are high crime areas. Other areas still ok.
There are some good downtown restaurants, I just don’t go there at night.

If you’re up Frederick again let me know, we can try one.
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My contributions are for steak lovers traveling IH-20 between Ft Worth and Abilene Texas. A short drive off I30 the only resturant in the one horse town of Strawn serves chicken fried steak as good as I've ever ate. A few mile West and a little longer drive of the big road is a place called The Bee Hive in Albany that serves grilled steaks equal to the most expensive places in Ft Worth. Regardless how busy the place is the owner will come by your table and therein will be a surprise you would never expect to find in a small West Texas town. More than a casual drive South of Abilene,close to San Angelo is the Lowake Steak House alone in the middle of wheat and cotton fields as far as the eye can see in all directions. You pay one price for all the grilled steak you want. If everyone at the table agrees on how steak is cooked,they bring steaks on platters to be shared at will. If you become lost just ask anyone where the steak place is.
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The New Orleans area has had some of the best Mom and Pop restaurants you could dream of. The problem is that when someone is a great cook they think they can open a restaurant and start out having great food but in a short time they discover they don't know how to run a business and go bankrupt. A great restaurant needs a great cook and a great businessman (or woman).
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The nearest business to me is a small cafe in a town barely worth of the title. It doesn't look like much, but the food is good and reasonably priced.

I will have to rebut the statement that all mom and pops are good. Some are awful and food poisoning waiting to happen. There are a lot of good ones out there.
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There is a pizza place about 20 miles from here that if you know what you’re asking for will make you the best Italian food I have ever had. My buddy is off the boat and we went there for lunch one day and he swears his grandmother was in tue kitchen it is that good
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I found this soul food place "Soul Sisters" in Bedford, Va. Talking about KFC made me think about it, wife got fried chicken, catfish for me. We both had good cooks (Mom- Grandmothers) and this place asked if we minded the wait since everything is made fresh. It was just like home made...amazing but they need advertising since only one other couple were there.
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it looks delicious, do they have a website?
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A small, hole-in-the-wall hamburger joint. Clarkston, WA - 85 miles due south of me. Last time I was down that way - they had closed down. My loss............
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he swears his grandmother was in tue kitchen it is that good
Am I the only one whose grandmother was a lousy cook? :rolleyes:

As far as restaurants go, last fall we were headed home from Bangor, Me. on Rt. 2. There was a place kind of in the middle of nowhere (can't recall the name), wife wanted to stop for lunch so we did. Mostly seafood, which I'm not real crazy about but I ordered fish & chips. Chips turned out to be home-made potato chips! Man, were they good. Fish wasn't bad either. Hopefully, they're still there next time we're out that way, definitely worth a return visit.