Equipment auction this weekend

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Apr 12, 2011
I happened to drive by what is usually a vacant lot earlier in the week. But noticed several pieces of equipment as well as buckets and other various attachments. I pulled in and found out that there will be a auction there this weekend. The majority of the attachments are new Tomahawk pieces, this makes me wonder if it is really a auction or if they are just gypsies looking for retail buyers. Has anyone attended these type of sales ?
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Never Ttended one but remember reading on here somewere that alot of tomahawk stuff is sold through auctions
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Can't speak for there, but I've seen brand new grapples at the auction sell for more then listed on their website.
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About ten or more years ago there was a national auction firm selling a line of new skid steer attachments (as well as the usual used equipment) at an auction they held near Indianapolis. The attachments were made in Canada- maybe Thomas or Thompson? Anyway, I looked them up on the net and concluded that the auction firm was a routine seller of this brand.

Before the auction, I mentioned it here on TBN and one member from Texas had been to a lot of this auction house's auctions where they sold these new attachments. Now this auction was advertised as an absolute auction-No minimum bids. This member had noticed that if the bid from the crowd did not meet a certain, unspecified value, the auction company always seemed to get a phone-in bid that was the highest. Could be wrong but I suspected the serial numbered attachment on that phone bid would show up at their next location too.

You local auction may be legit but sometimes patterns of behavior permeate an industry.