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May 12, 2014
Paarl South Africa
All electicals is gone...clusterlights will not come on.
We replaced the ign switch. Still no electrical.
Please help ?
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Do not knowing what you have done, so far I would suggest you check all the fuses, then check the voltage in the battery should be 13+ volts, next check the negative pole were it connects to the frame. It may look clean, but disconnect it and clean it. Then see, if you have power at the fuse link. Then work your way back to the where the fuses are.

Let us know what you find and we can go from there.
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All fuses checked
We added a new battery
Neg pole cleaned and cleaned
Fuse link ? Where is that ?
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None have a better understanding of your problem. If you have power to the cluster but nothing is working, I would say you have ground issue. Check the ground wire, at least in the states, that is the black wire. You should be able to ohm test to see if it is work. If you do not know how to does post back. Also double check that you have the correct power wire.

For what it is worth looking at JDparts in the states there is a different part number for the cluster.