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Jan 11, 2017
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I know this won't be a straightforward answer for everybody, but for those of you that have them, how often do you run your Dozers? I hear a lot of stories that this froze or that stopped working "from sitting", so how often do you fire it up and move it around? How far do you feel you need to go to keep things from freezing up? 10', 50', run it around for 2-3 hours, etc?
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Good question. I used to lease one years ago for my business. When work slowed down to a crawl, i stopped doing that. Never had one sit around long enough not being used to know an answer. Everyone i know that has one are always using, and greasing them.
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We've had many dozers over the last 50 years, and in my experience, they don't have any more or less problems from sitting as opposed to any other piece of equipment. It's safe to say that for clearing land, we use our excavators much more than the dozers. I would say I put 50hrs a year on a dozer.
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Mine is a 1991 Dresser TD7G that I have owned since 2010. Every winter it sits from mid November until mid April minimum. When I put it away I clean it up the U/C and exterior with a hose. Drive it up on some planks, grease it, charge the batteries, and cover the dash/instruments with a tarp so air can circulate. In the spring I charge the batteries again, Check the fluids, and get her started. All summer it gets sporadic use. Might use it every day for a week then it might sit for a month. Grease every use and change fluids per maintenance schedule. Nothing ever 'froze' up. BUT it has wet brakes and clutches. Older machines with dry clutches and brakes would probably 'freeze' up sitting so long.


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if you want you can store that dozer at my place. i can park it in shop even. hate to see it go unused so long:cool:
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I used my old dozer 4 times in 5 years traded it on my 72 hp skid steer that i use almost every day .
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Yup, older "dry clutch" machines, many times will have problems sitting around.

I've had several dozers over the years, but when I got older and knew I wouldn't be running my dozer a lot, one reason I bought a Case dozer, is to avoid that stuck clutch/brake problem.

It has worked out well for me.

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Well, my 1150 case dozer leaks a little even when parked. I disconnect the batterys and make sure the smoke stack flap is down when I park it

Most of my components are wore enough seizing is not an option.

The track rails, rollers and idlers were all replaced and had only a year or so of use before I bought the dozer.

In my 30 years of being around tracked equipment, some OLD stuff also, I only know of one froze up set of track rails.
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This dozer topic is of high interest.

About 2 weeks ago, looked seriously at a '72 Cat D5 with a 4-way blade, about 65% under carriage - $10k asking price. It's still available...

The older D5s are smaller than new models, this one is 27,000 pounds and it's more like a current D4 or JD450 in size.

It's 50 years old, but still runs well and is reliable per the owner (a local guy, who grew up in this town and is reputable). He used it in his small top soil business which was shut down by the state due to their environmental over-reach (his words), so he's selling out.

My primary objective for it is digging a ~2 acre pond. Never built one, nor even operated a dozer. But always wanted to and thinking about giving it a go!

Trying to convince myself that owning a dozer makes economic sense...I can talk myself into it pretty easy...

My thinking is that if I buy it right > I can use it > then sell it at my buy price, so it should be only my time at risk if it doesn't turn out as planned.

My primary concern is I'm handy - but NOT a heavy equipment mechanic.

Unknowns are cost of operation and on-going maintenance for a dozer.

If it's reasonably sound to it still a high risk of being a money pit?

Are dozers typically high cost to operate and high maintenance?

(Apologies up front for the interrupt, but this thread has a small group of contributors who I trust in their knowledge...)