Does this blade look bent?

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Feb 10, 2011
What do you think?

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Not to me it doesn't.
The square tubing in the front is hanging down on the left side.
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No it's turned.
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Hook the blade to your tractor.
Park your tractor on a level surface. Check tire pressures.
With a 4 foot level underneath the lower 3 point couplers adjust the lower lift arms to level the 3 point assembly.
then put your 4 foot level on the lower edge of the blade.(make sure the blade is parallel to the rear axle).
It does look like it is twisted in the photo, more so at the front verticle pivot pin.
maybe the bolt and hole in the square tube are worn?
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Looks okay from this angle.
Stand pipe should have oohhh about 3"x 3" weld on
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Doesn't look bent, just Right side hitch is hanging lower because of normal free-play in both pivots and jackstand is off center to left.
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Could be an illusion too, hard to tell for sure unless you really measure it. If you're looking to buy it and took the picture from the guy, it looks pretty nice and un-used to me either way. There will always be some movement at joints to allow it to move, keep that in mind with its kickstand on that one side.
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Can you lift up the side that is sagging down? Looking at the picture it appears to have more list than I would expect to see on the jack stand, I have similar jack stands on a couple of rear blades and rakes and have very little sag or play in the hitches.
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Does it angle & tilt? It looks like a fairly beefy blade - maybe the tilt's just not adjusted square?
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As others have mentioned, the stand is off center. There are at least a couple of points between the stand and the blade that have enough "slop" to cause the apparent offset.

Try putting a 4X4 post in the exact center of the 3PH "A" frame - maybe even under the bolt. Then see how it looks. There may be enough "slop" in that bolt to be able to very slightly rotate the "A" frame when it is supported under the bolt. It would also make hooking it up much easier.

If it were mine I'd cut off the stand and re-weld the bracket in the exact center.