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Nov 24, 2012
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Been looking for a small saw for light work. I have some DeWalt tools now so staying with the same battery system would be a plus.

I see some poor reviews on this saw. Oil leaking and saw "stops working".

Has anyone here tried them and willing to share their experience?

I have a decent Shindaiwa 488 but would like to get something smaller for occasional use that does not need fuel. I have a HF Lynxx and have been happy with it, but it is impossible to get spare batteries for it.
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I have one.

Bar oil does leak when stored. Not terrible but it does leak.

I’ve had the saw for about 5 years and use it about 2x week for an hour or so each time. It still works and works as it’s supposed to work.

I’ve always been able to do what I need with one battery charge.

Very good for smaller branches. It is light and easy to work. You can even operate with one hand if needed at times.
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You're talking about a chainsaw?
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I also have the smaller 12" one, mine too leaks a bit on the shelf-I've heard they all do. With the larger batteries and a sharp chain, they are very capable cutting machines.
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I've the 12" (and several thousand invested in the rest of the DeWalt lineup). I tend to use it as my"carry saw", in my Ford Escape and Ford f350. More than once I've had to saw through a 6" to 8" tree/limb that blocked the road and with a sharp chain it's got through everything.
I also like it for trimming in tree work, use it like a top-handle. Well worth the $99 I paid back in 2020.
Try and make sure I drain oil after each use.
I've also have/had :
Harbor Freight 14" 40v - Discontinued, cut like a beast but a little heavy for carrying in the tree
Black & Decker 40V - good saw, gave it to my daughter