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sounds like we are about the this is my truck

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sounds like we are about the this is my truck

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Nice truck and bed. :) :thumbsup:

Here's a pic of my truck sitting in last years snow where it got stuck for about a week. Finally had to pull it out with my dads 70's Ford tow truck that's shown in the pic.

My dad gave me the 1992 Chevy Silverado truck on my 18th birthday and I love the thing. I'm gonna keep it going for as long as I can. If I have to throw a new transmission and motor in it one day I will.

It broke down on me in hatfield Arkansas on the way back to Kansas. The AC compressor seized and tore my belt up. But I can't complain to much.

That's only the second time it broke down on me since I've had it. I've had it for 7 almost 8 years.

I like the look of the bed. But it's just not wide enough to really haul much. And the side panels are broke anyway.



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don't laugh but i had a red Chevy sportside 4x4 when i got out of the
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70 Repowered with 8hp briggs and converted to hydro transmission.

332 Custom Turbo'd, 430 rear end with 2 speed and diff lock

420 Repowered with 28hp Kohler Command EFI


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great looking deeres u have
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My Dad has 3-212 and one 210 jd. All but one purses like a kitten. He is looking for a 318 to work with. He has most of the attachments, and has built many more for them.
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Before & after of my L/60 Custom, 317 Special & after of the 70 I:


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great build grnspot
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I love your L/60 john deere that is so cool.