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Nov 24, 2012
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Looking at adding a QH on my new LS 4140. Will also be adding Hydraulic Top Link. 3pt attachments will be a snow thrower, back blade, rake, and carry all.

Use of use as well as access to PTO for blower are more important than cost.

What are my best options?
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QHs and Top Links are easily found. Relatively low in cost. Surplus Center is a good source for hydraulics. Good prices, quick ship. Measure your hoses a little long. More movement there than you would think.

If the budget will stand it also add a side tilt cylinder. Comes in extremely handy using a rear blade.
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Lots of scribbling of Quick Hitches in various forums.... QH is very positive attachment if you can find QH implements that are already designed to fit (compatible), OR you are willing to mod something that may be close to fitting.... Seems there is a lots of equipment manufacturers out there that have not embraced the QH concept yet....

My concept is to get implement that is close to fitting QH, modify it once to "standard" and never change/adjust "hook up" again...