Cub numbering.....any rhyme or reason?

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Mar 22, 2006
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Is there any rhyme or reason for Cub numbering/lettering system for their tractors?
I've had two, an 1872 and a 2554.

I'm assuming the 18 part of the 1872 was the engine(18hp). The 72???

Now the 2554. I know the 25 is for 2500 Series. The 54 is the deck size.

I'm sure there are plenty out there that know why they chose what numbers. It might be interesting to hear and know what they mean.

I know the red ones all end in ..............82?
D is for diesel.

For the "Manual Police":
Yes I know it might say this SOMEWHERE in a manual or on Cub's site somewhere but I am posting this for interaction sake on the site.
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Why, D_N -
Think of it as marketing common sense - makes everything easy to figger :)
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Well that sure helped.
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little rhyme or reasoning. The l/g tractors obviously start with a 1,2 3 denoting which series....the older 2000 series had the HP in the middle...(2165, 2185,)
as well as the compacts..(5234, 5264, 7305, 7265, 6284) some had the HP in the end...(7530, 7532) and the new compacts have it in the front (2400, 2900, 3200, 4500) My older 1782 was a 17 HP, and part of the 82 series. All the SGT's had the HP at the front. (2086, 2284)
As for rhyme or reason, there really isn't any great system or least not that I'm aware. It can be confusing, as one reader was thinking a higher number denoted a bigger/better model.....obviously not!
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Thank you.
That's kinda what I was figuring but wanted some explanation to help me and others try to sift thru all those numbers.
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ahh almost forgot, on the older 2000 and 7000 series, a "5" at the end would denote hydro versus auotgear or gear, 2160/2165.....7300/7305...etc. guess it depends on what they are offering for different models in a line.
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Yes and no to any rhyme or reason! If you spend a bit of time to understand the various major series, they make some sense. Where I get confused is the older stuff, pre 1970, and find I have to look up model numbers to remind me what series they belong to (like the recent questions on a 125).

Take a look at this chart for IH Cub Cadets:


And this link for CCC Cub Cadets:


And there are a bunch more charts and links if you look through the pages referenced here:

IHregistry Library & Research Center >> Model and Serial Number Information

Its fun to look through and figure out where the various models fit in. Hope this helps.
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Dave01,Thanks for the chart.Just found out my 1440 is a 94 not a 95.Learn something here everytime I look.