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Cub 7274

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Jan 9, 2012
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1st post about an old Cub
I have owned since new May/96
Ran fine for 45 mins.shut it off & it would not start seems to be a fuel delivery problem so with 1056 hours on it and no problems since new except for the relay fix which many people have used on this form and the other one- from me-glad I kept it as I still get emails to this day for the "fix".And the fuel lines rubbing together its been great.
Lucky we are having great weather here but snow is imminent cant last forever & I'll need to blow snow

So I'm going to find out how much its gonna cost to get it running again in a few days-hope its not going to be a disaster but I dont understand how it ran fine then shut it off & nothing.
Just a rant about an old tractor
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...it would not start seems to be a fuel delivery problem .....then shut it off & nothing.
What exactly is it doing? Not catching? Not turning over? Not making a noise?

Is it full of fuel? Any smoke coming out? Have you cleaned the batteries and checked the cables?

Welcome to TBN. When you come back, we might be able to help you get it running but we need more information.
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I had it running for over 40 mins it ran fine - shut it off & all it would do was turn over but not start.
Its getting fuel to the injector pump but not beyond.
I know little about diesel fuel delivery so thats why I decided to send it out for repair.
The mechanic told me today he thinks its the fuel shut off solenoid which I was happy to hear and not the injection pump $170 as opposed to $1300 it is amazing how quickly things change as I got used to it never letting me down.
I cannot complain though as I have only changed the oil (Rotella Synthetic) and filters oil & fuel yearly and the air filter has been changed twice along with compressed air cleanings.The hydraulic fluids & filter only once but its a standard not Hydrostatic & it only has 1056 hrs on it.
So hopefully its only the Solenoid time will tell
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No problem, let us know if it ended up being the solenoid. Hope you get back to tractoring :tractor:
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An update on the 7274
The Injection pump has 3 broken internal pieces which has resulted in a $550 rebuild but have been told it will be better than new.Apparently these pumps are extremely sensitive but tough also and one little issue can lead to other issues which happened and when I shut it off the break occurred. No amount of preventative maintenance can prevent something like that from happening lesson learned.The man working on it is very impressed with the ruggedness of the tractor & said I should keep it.Hopefully he is right
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Sorry I missed your post, Cub. I just learned of your existence on the LS threads. I wanted to see your posts, as I have a dead 7274 out in my shop. I too had exactly the problem you had with the pump, but mine only broke one part. I have a theory what breaks the pump.

What broke in mine was one tooth on one of the pump's throttle control pinions. The tooth stuck between the next two teeth and jammed the throttle rack gear. I think what breaks these pumps is that the return spring in the shut-off relay is way too strong, and it just slams the rack gear too hard, breaking the tiny cast pinions. Ever since it happened, I dread turning off the key. I always shut it off at zero throttle. Still, hearing that relay drop like a hammer makes me cringe.

I don't have much of an income, so I took the chance of taking the pump apart myself, with guidance over the phone from a guy at an FI shop in Portland. I replaced only the broken pinion and that cost only $7.

I wish I could have been there to help you out. It wasn't that hard to do. Just had to be very careful and not mix up any parts.

Since then, I got some fuel with a bunch of water through the pump and injectors and had to dry that out. The previous experience gave me the confidence to deal with that issue too.

I now have a cracked block that resulted from a series of unrelated issues* that conspired against me. I need another K3M engine and they are not easy to find.

I really love my 7274 and hope to get it running again some time. It has so much better fuel economy than my new LS R4010. The loader is way stronger and larger to boot.


The most important regular maintenance for a 7274?

* Keep the front frame bolts tight to the engine. Loctite them, but don't trust the Loctite. Check them often.

Most important tip for operation?

Do not overwork the front drive axle. It's not built to handle the loads you can potentially put on it. I've broken mine too many times. I never wanted to become an expert on that either. :D
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Mine is fine now (touch wood) and yes regular service is key
I use Rotella Synthetic which seems to be a wonderful oil and my engine uses zero oil from one change to the next
I use the AC Delco PF27c filter also and change the oil once a year in the fall as I only put approx 50-60 hrs a year on it
Thanks for your reply