Cub 7274 broken again

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Cub 7274

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Jan 9, 2012
MF GC 1715
A real beautiful day here in Niagara 80* and cloudless
I was removing some old fence posts and gates and was down to my last post to remove and as I was driving towards its my front tire kicked up an old steel post which I didnt see and it became wedged against my hydraulic filter in the rear end and snapped the the filter off taking the threads of the filter housing with it so a new is on order along with the O rings and a new filter and oil.
So much for the nice day in Niagara.
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That sucks.

I've been looking under mine and thinking the best way to fab something to protect those filters, they just hang there waiting to be hit by something.

I've seen some guys in the kobota section have made some really nice protection plates.
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Just a freak thing I'm afraid but costly