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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
Bobcat CT235
Thought I might show what is behind the cover right under the steering wheel. 4 bolts to be taken off with a 10mm socket. My power steering hose from pump to hydraulic block had a hole rubbed in it. I guess it took about 10 years to happen. I have it out and waiting for Monday hoping to have a hose shop make me a new one. Tractor Joe sells them for about $59 including shipping, on line Kioti places a little higher. It is a 1/4" x 22" hose with 04U-054 fittings. It pretty much has to be that exact length in order to fit. Hose has already been removed in the pictures. It goes in under the bottom of the hydraulic block. Thinking this is the same on several different models.


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Thanks! I haven't had reason to take the cover off of my CT225 yet, but kinda wondered what was there.
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Had the hose made up at a local Axion. $25 including tax. Back in business.