CT235 hour meter.

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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
Bobcat CT235
i have likely already posted about my hour meter not working but hoping someone has some easy steps to help diagnose. Have also posted about my dash lights not working but really don't care about those. Hour meter sure is nice for service intervals. Thanks, Winston
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I looked through your attached but didn't see anything that seemed to help me. Thank you, and if anything, there in particular that I missed, please let me know.
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CT335 wiring
   / CT235 hour meter.
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I mistakenly put CT35 on my initial post, have changed it to CT235. I believe the DK35 has a mechanical tachometer and I think mine is electrical. I believe the CK35 is the closest Kioti to my CT235. My service manual does show a wire straight from hour meter to operational control unit. It takes a little different route than the one shown on your attached drawing. Do you have any idea what feeds the operational control unit with engine hours. I would think the control unit just starts counting when the key is on but sure don't know that.