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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
Bobcat CT235
Bored today so decided to take my dash out again. Dash lights haven't worked for some time. Hour meter has stopped working but tach still does. Temperature gauge pegs all the way over when lights are turned on dim or bright. I did find if you turn the light switch just far enough for the dim lights to come on (although not fully to that position) the temperature gauge does work correctly. Lights off, temperature gauge works correctly. This has been this way for some time, and I had opened it once before with no success. I did find one dash light burned out and replaced it, however, dash lights still don't work. I sprayed all connections with cleaner. Put it all back together and nothing is changed. Attaching pictures, maybe they can help someone down the road. You will notice a wiring harness attached and unattached. The dash can be removed with harness still attached by unplugging bottom two connections. One picture shows back of dash with rear cover removed. The two large lamps near the middle are dash lights. All lamps are just twist removal.
I can live without these items working but it bugs me, but not enough to start ordering dashes or switches.


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WOW! Sorry to see what ur going thru!
Good Luck!
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Hi Winston1
Did you have any success this time with your dash. This is such a common, varied and frustrating problem. I was a manufacturer of wiring harnesses for several decades and therefore know how many things can go wrong. These problems can occur from poorly crimped terminal connection. Insulation in the crimp, overcrimping therefore thinning or cutting of the copper conductor, inclusion of air leading to corrosion, and on and on. Pulling and twisting on the wires might show this up but intermittant conductivity can be a nightmare to fined. Bobcat was pretty frugal with the wire they used and it's hard to manipulate the harness.
I'm experiencing similar problems and I can on sympathize with you. Good luck and let us know any useful outcome.
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Nope, no solution. Only time I would even use lights is loading on a trailer early in the morning so I can live without dash lights but I sure would like to have the hour meter working. However, not bad enough to buy a new instrument cluster. Especially not knowing where the real problem is.