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Nov 5, 2003
Fuel filter crossover for 2610 seems to be impossible to find. I recently had some gel form in my fuel tank. I think I got it all out but now it’s still stalls when I put a load on it like mowing tall grass or lifting a full bucket of dirt. There is a Kioti dealer over a hour away so I went to four auto parts supplies and they all said they couldn’t find a crossover fuel filter. This is a pic of my current fuel filter.


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We have those filters in stock if your interested in having one shipped. Just reach out to us.
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word on the street is that you can use a Baldwin BF7838 Fuel Filter (Napa 308059 - Wix WF8059).

measure your used one, before you go to your local auto parts store to purchase, to verify fit.

also make sure the drain plug isn't cracked and leaking. air seepage into the filter, will diminish engine performance under load.