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Sep 20, 2009
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Over the years I have developed some success of buying through these web based options but even more so to learn details about products I plan to buy.

We have a regional service that is much like CL but they only offer coverage where they provide internet services which is about 50-75 miles in all directions that does a good job of side stepping CL/Ebay type of scams.

In looking for a 1998 4.3 Votec engine for the S10 PU I found a great sounding deal nearly 100 miles away on Craigslist. Per the listing it 1998 that had only 80K miles on it. I was very interested because all I had found that age had 150K+

When he returned my call he answered my many questions quite well but stating he was installing a 302 vs. 305 or 350 made me wonder about the guy's knowledge about engines but he could have just misspoke. Then he stated he bought the truck a few years ago wrecked when it had about 35K and put the last 60K on it because he stated it had 95K miles on the engine.

The kids had been listening to my side of the conversation and I practice repeating back what I am being told as part of their training in business matters.

Now the motor was to have been pulled a few months ago and the listing was only a couple weeks old so it getting 15K more miles put on it setting inside a shop was a huge red flag. He would never take my call directly but did return it in a matter of minutes the first time. I had told him I was interested in the engine and could consider driving down on Sat if I could work it out.

Since he still has the truck and he seemed to be a serious seller we decided I should all him back and let him know we wanted to see the mileage reported on the dash since the truck had not been driven with the
V8 engine yet.

He never returned my call.:D

I have had good success buying on line when I can get the seller on the phone over 2-3 calls asking questions. If things do not add up there is ALWAYS a reason. :(

Not being in any rush and having family in the used parts business (none of them have one right at this time) but one gave me the name of a yard about 75 miles away that has one and the owner states he hear the engine run before it was pulled. I will just wait and some options will appear in time. While a pain a used parts place will replace a bad engine during the first 30 days where as with a private seller you are own your own. :thumbsup:

The detailed info on E-Bay let me learn the years that will work in my case even before I a cousin looked it up in his reference sources. I need the X version (eighth digit of VIN).
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Neither Craigs List nor Flea Bay have any incentive to publicize and eliminate fraud, IMHO.
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You may be correct but I think they have bit of concern.

Found what I think has being a great replacement for the 4.3 engine with 524K miles off of CL and picked it up yesterday in Springfield MO.

The seller seemed trustworthy by phone/email and found the same in person when we did the final inspection.

He had personally pulled the engine from the wrecked Blazer himself and it was complete down to the computer and AC compressor and all cabling. It still has the fan and belt installed. When we got there about 8pm last night he helped get it secured well and never moved the 350 mile trip home.

Using these media options are like dealing face to face in that you still have to deal with your mind and eyes wide open. :thumbsup: