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Nov 24, 2012
Near Johannesburg MI but in the middle of nowhere
2019 LS XR4140 HST Cab; 2020 Kawasaki Mule SX; 2021 Bad Boy 54" ZT Elite
Looked at some of their machines today.

Like the joy stick control and the flip up deck.

Anyone using them and have any comments?

My goal is to be able to mulch everything including leaves. I get a lot of leaves so that is a concern.
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My favorite dealer sells Country Clipper and Exmark. Says most everyone who doesn't already have twin-stick muscle memory loves the single joystick, but most CC models are available for same price with twin-stick controls.

Says he has almost no CC warranty claims, but plenty from Exmark.

The flip-up deck is great, but it also means the belt is easier to change than for others.
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I've had my Edge XLT 60" for 4 seasons now, got about 280 hrs. on it. I have the Kawasaki 24 hp and it does very well. I have never operated a twin stick ZT but I can't imagine not having the joystick - the 1 hand free is great when going around/under trees etc. My place is about 6 acres and kinda rough and mostly hilly too. The large deck cuts much more evenly than I thought it would on my type of ground. The XLT model in 2015 had the pivoting front axle, the standard Edge did not. Be sure to get one with that feature. If you get a large deck model, be prepared to get help to raise the deck up for cleaning/service. I use the FEL on my tractor to pick mine up. A smaller deck might not be so heavy and could be raised by hand.. I think they make jacks you can buy to raise them too.
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My dad has had one for years and loves it. To me it seems weird because the joystick is on the right instead of the left like most construction equipment.

The only problem he has had from his was the Briggs that had the bad air cleaner design. Briggs sent him a new motor.

He said he would buy it again in a heartbeat.