Cougar habits-experience with cougars?

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Jan 19, 2011
Mahindra MAX24
This morning I went outside to see what was bothering our (feral) domestic cats, it is usually Racoons and once they see you outside they run off.
But this morning when I went out it was a Cougar, it force me to go back inside the house. I had to walk backwards up 3 steps and find the door handle on my back door while still looking at the Cougar. Got inside and was looking through the glass on the door, it was about 4 feet from me just starring at me. My adrenaline had obviously kicked in and it took 20 minutes or so to calm down.
2nd close incounter with a Cougar, Scarred the living daylight out of me.

Cougar population is on the rise here and Cougar encounters have become increasing.

Neighbor had one on his porch in February and it was dispatched by the government.

Anyone have advise on how to best handle living with Cougars around?
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Keep cat treats handy at all times ?
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We have a very few mountain lions around here, but they are extremely shy and fast.
Only a few glimpses and game camera pics.
Never heard of anyone being backed down by one.
If it occurred to me my 870 and #4 buck would eliminate the issue.
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Being predators, they follow the prey. No experience with cougars, but we have bob cats and other predators. I would suggest when you have a problem, look and see if you are attracting their prey and attempt to remove the attraction. Our neighbor used to (no more) put out a lot of corn for the turkeys; we also got foxes, raccoons, geese, mallards; not to mention herds of deer. I actually saw one cougar year before last, but the prey (turkeys) are gone so I don't expect to see him again.

I always accompany the dogs with a flashlight when I let them out at night, to make sure no coyotes are there, and to make sure they don't go off after a deer.
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Most of the big cats have huge territories, around here we'll see one for a few weeks and then nothing for 12 to 18 months. They also are not fans of big dogs (Great Pyrenees and Anatolian) that keep them moving to quieter hunting grounds. Like like living with nature but if one was that bold more than once I do own a backhoe.
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I always accompany the dogs with a flashlight when I let them out at night, to make sure no coyotes are there, and to make sure they don't go off after a deer.
My dogs are there to keep the coyotes, bobcat and bears out in the wild, they are not bad with deer but do keep them out of the gardens.
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I would think a good load of birdshot would help move him along and hopefully would associate the bad stinging from the shot to give him some fear of you, I probably would make sure that I had some buckshot backing up the birdshot just in case my plan didn't go as planned.:)
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Oh!!! You guys are talking about cats! I thought you were talking about the two-legged cougars.

Nevermind then.
I was going to say I only date younger women…

We have lots of wild turkeys and deer nearly tame so every garden is a salad bar…

I’ve noticed deer carcasses in the woods and only in the last couple of years…
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Next time take a laser pointer outside with you 🐱. Maybe take a 12ga too in case that don't work. I am not sure how I would feel about sharing my yard with an apex predator.