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Jul 31, 2021
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The Nimco loader control valve on my tractor has float on the lift. But not on the bucket.

There is currently a New Old Stock valve which matches the one on my tractor. If I bought that valve as a spare, and put the parts from the lift side into the bucket side of the valve, would then have bucket float?
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If the joy stick movements move the spool in the correct direction then yes you would have float on both functions.
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I wouldn't move the valve spool parts. Each spool is fitted to be where it is. If you want the bucket to float instead of the arms, just move the hoses.

But I'm not understanding what is gained by floating the bucket. I do float sometimes when backdragging to smooth things out on the last pass, but do by floating the arms with some dirt in the bucket to make it heavy.
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I’m starting to design a snow plow. If the bucket floats, the plow hooked to the SSQA will float on it’s shoes and follow the terrain. If I keep the SSQA angle constant and float the arms, it puts enough extra load on the plow that the shoes will dig in.
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OK. Good luck. It's always interesting to see about new designs happen.
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Never tried it....But understand about the added weight of the loader. That has been a problem brought up before and others have tackled it in different ways.

I was thinking someone at one time either used a pair of gauge wheels or skis/skid shoes under the loader arms themselves (or at least at the rear of the plow a-frame under the SSQA).

But probably the easiest is to allow the plow to float with a how truck plows are mounted. Dont now if you already have a plow yet or are designing one. If you dont have one and are designing can use a chain lift and let the a-frame pivot at the bottom.

Pretty common to just use a used truck plow....because they are usually pretty cheap for just the plow....and adapt to a blank SSQA plate.
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That is pretty much the plan. Hadn’t thought about needing to put some kind of shoes on the SSQA plate. My thought was to get the loader arms down to about 6-inches off the ground, and then let the plow float in front of it on shoes.

I bought the NOS loader valve, with the part numbers which match the one in my parts catalog off a guy on eBay yesterday, should get it next week. I figured $100 with shipping for a new valve is a bargain.

My loader has a tiny bit of down creep. And, I can’t locate anywhere in the lines or the cylinders it is leaking. So, it points to the original valve.

My thought is take the original valve off, and tear it down then measure everything with a micrometer to see if the bores are the same. If they are I can check to see if the loader lift spool can interchange with the bucket curl spool, and how much clearance there is between the spool and the bore. If they check out, I can fit the lift spool from the old valve into the new valve in the bucket curl bore. Then I can bolt the new valve into place and see if I have float on both functions.

Then I might reassemble and use the old valve to plumb cylinders on the top link and right side of the three point. I found a new two button Nimco joy stick on eBay for $105, coming out of Poland. I’d have to figure out mounting but that shouldn’t be too hard.