Clutch Housing for TC34DA (SBA320111930)

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Mar 6, 2017
Scandia, MN
Hello Everyone,

I'm reaching out to this group in hopes of finding a rather difficult part. I have a 2006 TC34DA tractor that needs a clutch housing. (SBA320111930) My dealer said it is a discontinued part it is not available anymore. I've also contacted several salvage yards with no success. From what I understand, other tractor models that use this housing are the New Holland T2220, Boomer 2035, Case DX34, and FARMALL 35. If anyone has any recommendations on where where to go from here, that would be greatly appreciated. I don't think welding is an option here. I'm willing to pay a $200 finder's fee to anyone who can locate a good used one that I can buy for a reasonable price! Thanks in advance!


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Curious what caused that... Backhoe?
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Nope, someone other than me was pulling backwards on a tree hooked up to the loader. The tree wasn't very big, so I don't know if it was previously cracked or it just saw too much force pulling against it. I'm finding out that this size tractor is prone to breaking clutch housings (especially with a backhoe) and they are getting very hard to find on some models! This tractor never had a backhoe mounted to it.