CK4020SE vs. CK3520SE

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So wait... did you get the 35 or the 40?

You didn't tell us it was for a cab model! I would have likely said get the extra 5 HP for the weight of the cab and to run the A/C.
Zoom in on picture. He read your mind...its a 40.:)
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Yeah 40 HP. Which is the same exact engine as the 35.
I misspoke when I said I paid for a radio. I actually got them to throw that in.
I did however just add on the third function. I was thinking I wouldn't ever use it but then I was looking at used skidsteer plows and realized I would want it to control the angle on the plow.
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Yeah my current 2615 won't drive up my driveway in high...sometimes struggles in med
Pretty pathetic.

It is really frustrating that the 35HP "could be" a 40HP so quickly and easily but the 40 HP is $2k more. If I buy the 40 and then a year later I find put there is a cheap way to make a 35 a 40 I'm gonna be....well not too pleased.
you can make the 2620 a 3520 with the turn of a screw
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You can get the 2620 and turn screw up to get close to the 3520. No screwing around with ecm and not regen crap. I am happey with the 2620, no issue with power etc. Just depends on what yopu want to do and what horse power will it take to do it
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Just wanted to revisit this post to say I love this tractor!! So nice and smooth. Only a couple small complaints. One being that I wish it had intermittent wipers.
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It's good to see you're finally getting to use your new tool; I figured with such a nice setup you'd hardly see snow this season. 🤣