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May 12, 2013
I been looking around for a new chainsaw helmet, mine is getting old and uncomfortable with screws and glues holding everything together. Seems to be quite a few choices but I'd like to have one with a neck flap to help keep debris from going down my neck, but a screen visor and ear muffs are a must. I have this one on my radar at Amazon and I was wondering what other suggestions chainsaw people have...............Of course there's no reviews so I'm a little leery of it.,aps,442&sr=8-61

Sthil seems to be the winner on the highest price at well over $100.00, but maybe knows another place to look besides ebay and Amazon?
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I broke my overpriced Sthil pro face shield by dropping it on my shop store. The Shihl dealer basically told me I would have to buy a new helmet as the shields were unavailable.

So, I bought an Oregon on Amazon for $28.00 since if it breaks I'm not out that much money. The Oregon muffs are a far better fit and the plastic material for the shield is of better quality. Not as brittle.

I would not recommend a Sthil.
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Did you look on Bailey's? They have a good selection.
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Just curious. Will a faceshield protect you from the bar, as in a kickback?
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We do trail work with our helmets get used much each summer and live a tough life since they get hauled into the field via UTV box, or strapped to a backpack. We recently switched to Sthil model after finding on many other brands, the little arms that hold the face shield on and are adjustable via sliding in and out, are a weak point. The Sthil model we got didn't have that adjustment and weak part on this model. We also need to the face mask to go high enough to not not obscure our vision and have the head band with the adjusting knob on them. I'll try find its model but I don't believe these sell them via mail order ak Amazon.
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Well, then if you wear goggles. what is the use of the cumbersome sheild? I have been using a saw for 50 years and can't say that "chips" have ever been any issue at all.
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I went with the Husqvarna helmet because you set it and forget it. Many helmets with the convenient adjustment knobs loosen up with time. At some point, they are never tight enough to stay on. Happy with the Husky so far.
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I prefer the Husky helmet too, it has the neck flap and the muffs do a good job too, AND so far it's holding up very good for me...