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Feb 28, 2005
Central Square, NY
Went to a car show / flea market yesterday. Picked up a couple old Coast Guard large ammo boxes cheap minus the ammo. $10. each and they will hold a lot of chain, straps, or whatever. They are 17 1'2"L x 7 1/2"W x 14" deep. Very little rust. Sandblasted the rust off, primed and painted and will install tomorrow. This one is going on my tilt bed trailer. Second one I'd like to put on the tractor, just have to figure where to put it.


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I have 2 20ft chains laying on the floor of my tractor cab. I thought no about a couple of boxes for them at least 20X a day. I've realized there are a few things I'd like to always keep on the tractor, but which don't really have a good spot.

I need room for 2 chains, a bolt cutter, a log skidding tongs, and some large wrenches. I have a regular tractor toolbox mounted over left front fender which has my normal oft needed stuff. I'd like to figure out how to mount a couple boxes on the back, high, just under the window (I think). At least to get the chains off my floor.

Perhaps a couple of ammo boxes would work.