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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Well I did not know what to expect from a $135 set of chain of FEL forks when I ordered them on Tue.

At first I was not impressed with the idea of steel pipe forks but after we installed one tonight using the light of a flashlight I warmed to the idea they may actually work out.

The chain design seems to be the key for them to be rated at 3500 pounds for moving pallets. Number one chain hold the knotched catch against the cutting edge of the bucket so it can not slip off and second the chain also keeps some of the load off the lower lip of the the cutting edge.

The piece of 5/16" chain is about 15" too short on each fork but we so happen to have picked up a 10' 5/16" chain so we will just use it to save making the chains longer. Our 310B FEL bucket is 1 cu. yard size.

Now their $49.99 set of binders were impressive and they were a little cheaper through GC Manufacturing it seemed.

Tomorrow I have to move some rock but over the weekend I may have some pallets to unload. If I get them completely installed I will try to post enough shots to how they mount so it is more more clean than in words. :D

Being fast to install/remove is a strong point. They make some out square/rectangle tubes but claim round tubes are the strongest of the three.
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Gale, I've had a set of these for a while now. I think they're a good buy for an occasional fork need. Not heavy duty, (nor is my little Kubota L3400) but then for $135 you don't expect them to be.

After using mine a few days moving logs, I modified mine. The pipe is obviously drill pipe - very heavy wall, and more than strong enough. I kept breaking the wooden 2x4 back stops off, so I cut those sockets off and welded in some heavy wall box tubing identical to the base of the forks, but tall enough for backstops. Then I ground down the base attachment point angle to give more contact surface on my bucket. They come with a 30 degree contact patch and my bucket has a 45 degree edge.

Never had a problem with them bending my bucket, but I'm a 'belt AND suspenders' type person. I had previously added some 3/8" plate to the top of my bucket to add support for my hooks, so that gives a little more support for the top edge; not that I know I needed it, but again 'belt & suspenders'.

I love the little ratchet binders. Light enough to handle with one hand, and more than strong enough to hold the forks in place.

You'll like having those forks around for that occasional need. And you'll find more 'needs' than you ever imagined.
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Thanks for your experience with this $135 set of forks.

On our old JD 310B bucket the contact angle is dead on giving me full contact on the lip and bottom. After getting more ran in a day than all summer I need to move some rock dumped for the drive but next week I plan to use them to help the builders get materials closer to the build site so I have only installed one.

The long time heavy equipment guy would brought me a load of dense grade this AM was impressed with the design, look and feel of the one I have installed.

Our binders are the Grip 1/4 - 5/16 2600 lb rated and they are sweet to use for sure. I will watch putting too much pressure on the standard loops because I can see they are very light.

As already posted when I first saw them coming out of the box I was not impressed but after mounting the one it became clear the design is very good. If clamp on types get pushed to the side then you have move them back into place it would seem but with this design with a lot of effor I can force the tip a few inches to the right or left but it centers right back up when the force stops.

I will like that freedom of movement for moving brush etc I expect. Give and help prevent breaking.

The lumber I have to move will be 12-18' so I am thinking of mounting the forks very wide. Do you think that might lead to one fork catching too much of the load and that I should just set them up for a full size pallet.

One thing I hope to use them for is when I am picking up blocks, SAK Crete, etc that I will get that kind of stuff set in the back of my 16' flatbed so I can set them off with the forks when I get home.
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re moving 12-18' lumber, I would think moving the forks the the outer extremes would be more stable. And they'd be more in line with your lift arms. But don't mistake me for an experienced operator :) I'm definitely a newbie.

When moving heavy trees (~30"+ x 5' lenghts) if I tried to pick them up lengthways,the forks would spread apart sometimes making something of a V-shape, letting the log drop out. Tight chains were required to hold them straight. A strap or brace between the forks might be in order if you're going to do much of that kind of work.

The only other problem that I had was when I'd pick up larger logs (>5', about 800 lbs.) and tilt the load back it would hit the 2x4 backstops that I had added. Those would break off like toothpicks. Now that I've added 1/4" 2x4 steel backstops, problem solved.

oh - I forgot to mention another super use for them. In clearing extremely heavy underbrush and vines, I raised the bucket and forks high, drove into to wall of underbrush and tilted the forks down. Then just backed out dragging huge piles debris out of the trees, fence lines, etc. Not as good as a good grapple, but then, I don't have a grapple :)

Sounds like you have a great number of chores already lined up for your new forks. They'll pay for themselves in short order.
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A full view shot of one of the two forks that come in the $135 set of chain on forks. You may have to scroll to see the full picture.
A close up of the mounting system.
The underside shot showing were the chain is welded to the pipe and its path up the back side.
Shows the chain coming up the back and over the top back to the fork. The Grip 1/1-5/16 ratchet binder rated at 2600 pounds is high quality too. They are $25 each from GC Manufacturing which is one of the best prices for the Grip brand that i could find.
A shot of the unattached fork from the back end of the 2 3/8" pipe with a 3/16" wall thickness. This is one heavy piece of pipe.
Open view of the unmounted fork turned upside down showing the front edge connection point and the stake older.

While I have not used them yet I had a heavy equipment operator stop by today and he was impressed with the design at the $135 price for the pair. At some point I may mount them touching and hose clamp the electric pole saw between the two poles and try to do some limb trimming using the forks in this manner.
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Just got back from Lowes with 40 blocks on one pallet and 20 bags of cement on another so now I have a reason to get the new forks chained on and put to use tomorrow. :D
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I have had mine for a few months and find them very useful. I now look for things to throw on a pallet and be moved around. One thing I do quite often is just put on one of them and use the fork to move equipment around when things need mowed.

I would have loved to have a quick attach pair, but they cost too much for my limited needs. These forks do have their quirks, but are absolutely worth the $135. The only thing that I really don't like is that you can't see the forks due to the bucket.
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Tomorrow I am going to finish up digging trenches and filling them with rock for the new storage building/shop foundation blocks to set on that is going up on Wed. I will use them to move the building materials right up to the building site.

GC called today to insure I got them OK. As was posted they are made from OK drill pipe. End to end ours are about 5 foot and weight 30 pounds each.

Have you had any bending/breakage issues?
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The forks got a workout today moving most all of the materias for the 18x28 two story building with a 12x28 lean to. I think getting the 3/4 plywood flooring up to the second story late in the day impressed Juan and his crew the most. There was not one at the house with me today to snap some photos of the action.

I spread open a chain hook on a cheap China log chain that I was using to extend the chains by 15 inches when grossly over doing it. I sounded aweful but did not hurt the fork. After that I made them break the double bundles.

The $135 forks are keepers. Even it I broke one I could order another set. The bucket blocking the the view of the forks makes a spotter come in handy.
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I also bought a set of these forks from E-Bay. Check your welds, lots of slag and aplatter on the pipes and the beads leave a lot to be desired. I was really pissed when I opened the box and found a pair of 3 inch OD pipes. I told the vendor that these were not pallet forks,as to industry standards forks have to fit the lower holes in 4 way pallets. These pipes won't even go under my mower deck without me raising it first (Kubota 60" MMM). I would return them and want to, but it would cost a small fortune. This vendor ought to specify that these are pipes and state their size. This is not truth in advertising.