CC 6284 power beyond?

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Mar 30, 2010
Several years ago I connected a log splitter to my cub and it worked fine, but it was a pia to do. I'm wanting to put a hydro top link for a box blade and don't want to mess with the fel hoses. Anyone build a PB for one of these?
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I am currently hunting for threads i thought I had saved about "power Beyond block" modifications.
Your question has been answered in quite detail with pictures in other threads on this forum. Specifically in other tractor models. I just did a search with quotes around the two words power beyond and got a few threads talking about making just such a setup for other attachments. So you funtion is viable help for you if you think just a tad bit outside the box. Its a heck of a learning curve for me sometimes when I realize and slap my forehead because i had a hyperfoced POV or didn't have the right vocabulary to *find* what I *knew* was already done ..... best of luck folks.