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Jun 9, 2012
Fountain City, WI
Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 HST II, Kubota BX2365, ASV VT-70 Track Skiddy
Does anyone here own one? I am looking for something to mow hills with. I am sure they are great at that. But I would also like to add a front end loader. Can I do that? Can I get it with dual tires or wide tires so I can also cut in low wet areas? How are they for dependability and reliability? Thanks
Just noticed this thread, I have a 2017 TTR4400HSTII purchased new from dealer in NE Iowa. There is an Italian FEL available but it has an unremarkably small capacity and installs on the motor end like most CUTs leaving the rear wheels searching for traction. I opted for a high-lift bucket similar to those sold for skid steer market but designed for 3pt end of the AC tractor. It is in my profile pic. The reversible design allows you to use it like a small payloader and I can tell you that it will scoop & drive away with a full load of crushed rock or whatever you can get in it! The AC design is perfect for this use, the high-lift bucket can then be used like a box blade for leveling. While it is limited in lifting height, I created a small loading dock ramp for loading out the few times that I ever needed to do this. Most of my uses are moving (dirt/gravel) or spreading and not hauling it away.
I have no experience in wetlands, but I have used this in deep, loose fill-sand and never felt like l needed duals. The balanced design plus (full front & rear) locking differentials provides incredible traction. At one point, I was leveling off 3 dump truck loads per hour when I had access to some river sand fill material. Very productive machine for its size/weight.


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