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Nov 3, 2016
Newton County, Texas
1951 IH cub, International 254 and 1538 Mahindra Towable Backhoe
I built this canopy mainly for sun protection but as the project grew my materials got heavier. 2 inch angle iron 1/8 inch top plate. I clamped it to the rops as not to drill any holes and bolted it to the FEL uprights. There is a one foot pop open area in the very front to be able to see someone in our man lift basket at full height.
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And some built in protection too! That looks good!
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Very nice, and I see you put a rear view mirror on there, as I did on my tractor years ago.
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I like your work on that canopy. I installed a Kubota OEM one. Not so much for the sun but for the darn snow that falls down off the overhanging limbs when I plow snow on the driveway.

At certain speeds it will develop a vibration. I'm looking into some form of front support to reduce/eliminate the vibrations.
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I had the OEM on my JD5310 and liked it. I'm guessing that thing you built will be noisy.
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All of canopies looks (y) I should get off hands and do the same.
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That looks like you'll have great protection from falling objects. My only concern for you is that since it's all metal, it might be an oven underneath it when the sun beats down.

Maybe paint the top of it white to reflect some of the sun?
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how do canopies handle on the freeway? (trailered)