Can my John Deere 2155 lift/move 1 ton armor stone?

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I would assume that at max capacity FEL lift the most stable configuration would be to have the max 3pt lift capacity on the rear as well. that would provide the most balance in weight distribution. which is why you can't lift the max capacity with no loaded tires and nothing on the back. I don't have any attachment close to the 2600LBS capacity of my 3pt but my snowblower is the closest at 1200 lbs. and it works well.

I have had to take a few stones off a pallet to be able to lift it but I had the blower on and I wasn't going far on flat ground in the yard. i wouldn't want to road a tractor with a FEL load anywhere near Max capacity for the sake of the front wheel bearings.
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Incorrect still.

Breakout force is ONLY the lift cylinders and how much it can lift with a level bucket at ground level.

There is no specification that is comprised of trying to use BOTH functions.

The whole notion of trying to use BOTH functions at the same time and calculating some number higher than what either the lift or curl are independently capable of.....this is something that has been made up and continued to be BAD information spread as if it were gospel on tractor forums....especially TBN. So now others that DONT posts like this and think they are getting factual information.....but it isnt. So they continue to spread the FALSE information. Its frustrating
Spot on. Breakout is measured at the pivot pins. Curl has nothing to do with it.

As to OP question, when I move 1 ton pallets of wood pellets, I can lift them off my gooseneck trailer, but there isn't a ton of capacity to spare. I have QA forks (attachment weighs a few hundred pounds), and my tractor has breakout of 5100, full height of 2700. At the pivot pins. The further forward you go, the more you lose capacity. The heavier your forks are, the more you lose capacity. For reference, my tractor weighs 6300 pounds with nothing on the loader, and nothing on the 3 point.

I carry enough on the back that stability is fine, but I don't drive like a maniac with that much weight on the front, and I carry it low once it's off the trailer.

If I had your machine, I'd try it and see what happens. Just make sure you have a nice heavy counterweight. I use a half mafia block (around 2k pounds) on the back of my machine when I'm lifting heavy.
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thank you guys for the education, that makes sense and for a la854 kubota loader the curl back force is only about 180 lbs more than the break out force so lift capacity using curl is only a small increase.

4195lbs at ground level but only 2489 lbs at max height (at the pins)
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IMHO I don't think that its a good idea to try to lift to max to
put all the stress on the front axle/bearings and you differently
want your tractor to last a long time and then you have the down
time and then can you get the parts for the repair??? Some times
trying to find the parts is not an easy task even if they still make
the parts. Don't forget the safety factor

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Hope to build a retaining wall without having to rent another machine. Obviously it would be easier/safer with a fancy excavator with thumb/sling/etc. attachments (or maybe even just a skid steer with forks) but I just need to know if this can be done.

Can my '89 JD2155 handle it?

Looking at Tractordata I see lift capacities ranging from 1657lbs "full at pin" to 4350lbs "breakout" depending whether a 520 or 540 loader. I don't know which one I have and I don't know what these terms mean. Time is of the essence so I'm just hoping for a more or less bottom line answer before I order a pallet of these things 🙃

Thanks in advance to those in the know!

Look at the loader masts, the model ought to be listed there.

The manual for the 520 and 540 loader (either could fit a 2155) gives the following capacities.
- 520 loader, "maximum height" cylinder position: 1980 lb at the pins at 122" height, breakout of 2810 lb
- 520 loader, "maximum lift" cylinder position: 2500 lb at the pins at 110" height, breakout of 3372 lb
- 540 standard loader: 2500 lb at the pins at 126" height, breakout of 3484 lb
- 540 mechanical self-level: 2800 lb at the pins at 130" height, 4350 lb breakout

You probably would be able to not only lift a 1 ton stone, you could likely lift it to full height. You will need rear ballast, and how much depends on what front axle you have (straight cast, straight steel, swept-back steel.) Deere puts manuals online for free, you want manual OMW44993.

Overloading the front axle can trash your front axle bearings & seals.

Most 2155s were 2WD, biggest risk there with too much front axle weight would be spinning the rears, followed by rolling a bead off of a rim.