Can I Use Mini Skidsteer Attachments With My Tractor ??

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Feb 12, 2006
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I ve seen a few lightly used mini skidsteer (such as the toro dingo) attachments for sale in my general area lately. Can these be used with my tractor. I would think they would be well suited, size, weight, and durability-wise, to my 18 hp compact tractor. As a for-instance... a post hole digger. My tractor pumps hydraulic @ 2000psi, and flows 5 gpm. I've done a little looking at the toro, and it looks to pump 7gpm @ 2600 psi. (or at least the pressure relief valve opens @ 2600psi). Would the two be compatible? I think alot of full sized skidsteer attachments are a little heavy for my tractor, but alot of the mini stuff looks about right.

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You would need to get a miniskidsteer compatable quick attach plate and adapt it to work on your loader. Probably would involve a bit of custom welding to figure out how to attach it as your loader arms are wider than the miniskidsteer attachment plate. You might end up having to weld it to a standard skidsteer attachment plate that would then attach to your FEL.

Other than that you'd just need a set of rear remotes or a diverter valve on your FEL.

Not sure this would make sense given the time and money necessary to adapt the mount. Also, things like post hole diggers can be found used in the 3PT configuration pretty easily.
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Adapting the attachments to my tractor i can live with. I realize that with the cost of steel nowadays, it is always a concern. I was more worried about the working pressure difference. I wouldn't think the 2gpm flow would be my biggest issue. Just seems like there are plenty of neat attachments available for these little units. Hydraulic PHDs , which are reversible, small stump grinders, etc, etc. The possibilities seem nearly limitless. The smaller, lighter grapples, and other buckets would appear to be a better match to my smaller tractor, when compared to the larger, heavier full sized skidsteer attachments.

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The 2 gallons of flow may be a huge issue, especially at such low flow rates (you are coming up short almost 30%)...and the pressure difference is also substantial (~23% deficient). IMHO, these shortcomings combined would equate to a sub-par, unacceptable performance of these hydraulic implements.