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Sep 19, 2018
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I am looking to buy a 2018 Branson 4720 with front end loader and hydro trans. I really have no idea what kind of mark up these machines have and its hard to find much info. My closest dealer is offering them at "wholesale" but I am not buying it. It may be a real good price but the msrp of this tractor is waaay below what they state. Here is what they post.

Retail price is $33,557
Dealer Cost is $27,393

I realize and want them to make money but those of you out there can advise me what the selling price of this tractor might be. Also, what is the cost to add a third function to the loader? Thanks for your help
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I live in Bowling Green Kentucky. Tractor, loader, hydro trans and the other stuff that goes with it such as rear remotes. I want a third function on loader and realize that will probably be extra but do not know how much.

I found an MSRP of $26,393.00 on another web site. That's below their cost.
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That first price is good. If it includes rear remotes it's really good.

The factory third function (really a diverter) kit is about $800-1k plus installation. There's a WR long kit for Bransons (a true third function) for about 900.
I don't know the details on that one.
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Sounds like a good deal,I paid 23 delivered 3 years ago for the same machine which is awesome by the way. They did offer a rear remote for less than that but I do not remember the price. Oh no tax either.

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Thanks for everyone痴 help. It interesting that their selling price is exactly $2000 below the manufacturers MSRP.

Any opinions of the hydro is the way to go. I am leaning that way and wants to avoid the clutch.
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Hydrostatic is so useful for loader work or mowing when you need to change direction and speed often. Branson's linked throttle is nice. Just push the pedal and it'll rev up as needed. It doesn't work as well in high range but that's for flat roads only so I never use it. I don't notice a whine but my last tractor was a Kubota that whined loudly so I may just be used to it.