Bought 1st Battery from Tractor Supply Co. Tonight.

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Sep 20, 2009
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Exide Heavy-Duty Farm Battery, F4DLT - Tractor Supply Online Store

Well today the MF 265 would not start again. Not even the headlights could come on after cleaning the posts. The 200 amp jump start setting would only so an output of about 15 amps unless trying to start it so I called it dead since it is 6.5 years old. ;)

Since yesterday was the last day of summer (last day this year forecast to be up in the 90's) I decided it was time to be ready for winter with a new battery. The son and I started hit the web since it was already 7 PM to see who might have one in town. Due to the specs (all are in same ballpark to this commercial grade battery) liked the Exide that was the cheapest at $149 but the range was only $149-162.

On the way into town I covered my thoughts about battery selection and told my son if the battery was not over six months old we would just get the one at TSC because we would be getting there about 10 minutes before they close. It was built in May 2013 and now on the six amp charger but it was not very low on charge because it maxed at 4 amps initially. With the B&D charger I will run the Desulf mode for three days then equalize it before installing. At 86 pounds I want it as ready as possible so it is good to go when we put it into the tractor. :thumbsup: I did note one battery that we considered stated it weighed 80 pounds. When it comes to tractor batteries weight is an important thing as well as internal construction.

The TSC staff did all of the lifting from the rack to the truck.
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Schumacher Manual Traditional Charger, 6/12V - Tractor Supply Online Store

After being on this charger for 10 hours on 12v/6 amp setting over night when I connected the B&D to start Desulf Mode the manual charger had dropped back to 2 amp out put at 15.7 volts which would be Equalizing Mode on the computer controlled B&D smart charger.

We have had had an Orscheln's Farm Store for years and I prefer them for chemical prices and selection over all but they are higher on batteries and things it seems to me. While the below charger seems to be the same charger in the link above except for some store branding you can see it is $20 more than non sale price at TSC.

Battery Charger | Orscheln Farm and Home

One reason I like the 6/12v 2/6 amp manual charger is they are tougher than nails and do what you want unlike the automatics. I am convinced most $100 automatic chargers never fully charge a battery before they shut off. On the two amp setting I have let it run for weeks (by accident) and it did not boil the electrolyte or cause the battery to be warm. One reason is on a healthy battery output will be almost zero amps. On this 86 pound Exide a 2 amp charger is more like a trickle charger. :)

As noted before I like to run three 24 hour Desulf Mode on any new battery that has sat for a few month. I hate it but on this MF it is not really easy to see into or add water to the battery when installed so I try to pull it every couple years and clean the area good while the battery is out for reconditioning. The last battery came from Falder's that has a few stores in KY I know so not sure who the maker of that battery was. Tractor batteries often take a lot of abuse even without trying. They can set so much and then work in a harsh environment. I do hate buying batteries. :)
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You didn't say if you got the battery in or not and was it hard to put in?
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No it is still in the PU bed as I condition it for install. The old one still in the tractor but ready to side out. At 86 pounds it takes some pre planning to do. :) I was going with the split battery set up but was nearly $70 more. May do it next time if all along.
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I just put the same model battery in my tractor. My old one was about as old as yours and it had developed a short. It would discharge overnight. Due to weather I parked the tractor in the barn and knew it would be dead by morning. So, I got a new battery, installed it then moved the tractor to the shop. I then removed the battery, restored the battery tray and reinstalled the battery. As you point out it is heavy. I put mine on the front tire, readied the battery tray then grab and lift real quick.
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Since yesterday was the last day of summer (last day this year forecast to be up in the 90's) .

Not to go OT, but according to my calendar Sept 22 is the first day of fall.
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Do you have another operable tractor with a FEL that you can lift the battery with?

I have an old Ford 3910 with a FEL on it that is extremely hard to remove the loader arms and put back on.
The battery is one of those monsters that is as long as the engine and sits on a swing out tray.
In the past I have wrestled the battery, with some help, up onto the loader arm and then down to the tailgate, but that was 10 years ago when I still had good strength.
I keep the 10 year old battery on a small trickle charger all the time and it still works well, but just a matter of time.
I'm thinking of using my 4020CNH with loader to at least handle the heavy lifting from the loader arm down and to put the new battery back up.
Any other methods you have used that were successful ? ( Not dropping the battery:D)
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You have to be careful with TSC as some batteries sit for months on the rack. I look towards the back of the rack and always buy the battery with the most recent build date and never buy one that has sat for over 2 months. From information gained from a neighbor who is a electrical engineer batteries do indeed have a shelf life and sitting uncharged for a time will shorten their life. I am a firm believer that "the newer the better" when it comes to farm/auto batteries. I have 37 batteries here on the place running all my machinery and every extra month life for each battery is a bonus in my case.
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   / Bought 1st Battery from Tractor Supply Co. Tonight.
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pacerron that is a good idea about using the FEL on the backhoe. I wish I had 120v for a trickle charger too. Normally I move the 265 MF out to where I have water and electric and set a table to help manage the 86 pound battery but it died hard and even using the 200 amp boost feature was not enough for more than clicking. Never thought about how the FEL would stop the swing of the Ford battery rack in that era of tractor. I do run an extension cord across the drive to charge the battery sometimes and should put the same 2/6 amp charger on it overnight at least once a month and make sure it is topped off before parking it each time.

Utopia Texas I returned the battery to TSC this evening. I think it was OK (never got it out of the back of the pickup) but it had major white deposits on the very top of the plates and dividers and I never saw that on a new battery before (built May 2013) It load tested (100 amp for 10 seconds) as good as the fresh (Aug 2013) Interstate 4DLT that I picked up this morning and it was $13 less than TSC. It is nice and clean on the inside and out.

I wanted to take the battery back since I had purchased the second one this morning so I had an hour before it was time to eat at a fish fry tonight at church and I make the run to TSC. The girl on the register called a guy in the back to come get it out of my truck and started processing the return. By the time the refund process was finished the young man had the battery back to the check out counter. I did show them the white build up but they had already finished the refund process so it was totally hassle free but we are in there a lot too.

Again TSC was great but I feel better having a fresher battery. I have to say I have purchased about 12 Interstate batteries of different sizes over the past 2-3 years and should know to wait until they are open.

If we get a chance to get the old one out and the rack clean tomorrow afternoon we may install the new one.
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