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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
Bobcat CT235
After used purchase I found someone had not just stripped the drain plugs on my oil pan but had broken the cast aluminum all around the plugs. I JB welded them but have been nervous ever since so I broke down and ordered a new pan, gasket and drive shaft o-rings. I actually ended up ordering my parts with Kioti CK35 part numbers from Hard to beat their prices. Pan was $145.37, gasket $19.31, o-rings $1,.81 and $1.26. Shipping $10.95. I sent them my farm exempt paper so even though in Texas I paid no tax. Total order was $178.07

I was quoted by Bobcat $369 for parts plus $40-$50 shipping. That seems like pure price gouging to me.

Anyway, a few pictures of things if interested.

Looks like the Rotella and Wix filter have been doing a good job of keepng things clean in there.


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That's atrocious of Doosan. I have the finish mower and have always found a way to adopt Gatorblades to whatever I'm cutting my lawn with. These Rhino mowers they had made....turns out they're proprietary and rotate in the opposite direction. There isn't even a mulch kit available! I'll need to change the gearbox. That's why Gateway computer failed. Everything was IEEE there.