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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
1948 Allis Chambers Model B 1976 265 MF / 1983 JD 310B Backhoe / 1966 Ford 3000 Diesel / 1980 3600 Diesel
After buying the MH tires and seeing the price increase I am giving some thought to replacing the 1976 OEM tires on the 265 MF and maybe even R4's for the 1983 JD 310B back hoe. They are still holding air and the tread is 90% on the MF with 1300 non road hours on it but they do look 35 years old.
BKT is the name I keep hearing over and over. I am told it is an import line of equipment tires that have proven themselves quiet well. Firestone is an option but for more money.

Any users of them on tractorbynet.com for some personal remarks/experiences.
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Sounds like the best source of affordable quality heavy equipment/off-road tires currently world wide.

I guess the two dealers were not just blowing smoke. It seems their commitment to the USA market is huge.

Based on what I know after two days if I retire the tractors I will go with BKT R-1 and R-4 tires.
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Talk with tucker tire in dyersburg TN.
He should have the best price for delivered not mounted. I think i have bought 12 in the last year or so and they are a better deal than the farmers coop.
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Thanks. How do you like them so far?

Bigger dealers to pay less for them. Where I got my MH tires they do not do tractor tires but he said he will get me two sets at his price but his cost may be more than high volume dealers sell them for.

There is a guy with a service truck with a day job that will come 40 miles for $40 trip charge to the place and do the job for $45 each with no fluid and $75 where there is fluid to pump out and back in which would be $280 and I would not have to take tractors or wheels anywhere or even remove/replace them.
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Thats a decent price for tire change on the farm. I always use ballast always worth the money less spin and better balance with a loader..
I think i paid 470 to 500 each for two of the Akuret 18.4 by 34 8 ply and the same for two of the BKT same specs. I got two of the BKT 8.3 by 24 8 ply for about 100 each and two of the 8.3 by 20 8 ply for 117 each. I got two thick trailer tire Akuret for about 80 but they dont do right and four 245 by 19.5 mudgrips for about 180 each. The two trailer tires I dont use (wrong application on my part they were made for a lowboy with a different style rim) but the rest are fine. Im happy with Tucker they are cheaper than anyone else around here. I do have to haul mine to the shop to get changed.
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My tire source supplier does not stock the BKT 16.9 x 24 R-4 but does the same size in a 10 ply Deestone brand.

Any experiences with Deestone?

I guess I will go with DKT R-1 tread on the MF.
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The Deestones on the bachhoe have worked out well over last 3 years.

One 38 year old tire failed last week on MF265 so I ordered BKT 16.9 - 28 12 ply today @ $530 each but USA Firestone tubes were $65 each. 12 ply was $25 more per tire. Threadura brand was only $425 per China tire.
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BKT tires hold just as good as more expensive tires. Have run with it on several tractors for many years, they wear a little faster if you drive on asphalt but for normal use it is no problem
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Thanks for that feedback. The tread on these 38 year old is still 80% but the sidewalls failed. The tread is so hard it is hard to get traction grading snow even.

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I ordered the 12 ply version of the 16.9-28 so from the chart I guess it is the AS 2001 tire. They cost $530 US Dollars each at the tire shop I use but it is a high volume dealer with very low rent and they do not install. On the farm installation to pump out, remove and replace then refill without removing the wheel is $50 each plus in my case (1 hour round trip) the trip charge is $50 so net cost is $75 per rear tire to install. Hopefully the 12 ply will reduce damage from bush hogging, etc.