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Feb 25, 2009
2002 New Holland TC40S
The "A-MAZE-N" adjustable two to four hour smoke tube made out of food grade stainless steel. Bought it at Lowe's a couple of years ago item# 1422136, $24.98, still available.
Fill it with any of the fruit wood pellets, my blend is 75% apple and 25% cherry when I smoke cheese. Light the open end with a propane torch, let it burn for 10/15 minutes then blow it out and place it in practically any BBQ that has a lid, in my case a Weber kettle. The amount of smoke it produces is incredible!


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I use a similar one made by Napolean in my electric smoker for added smoke on a more consistent basis than my little electric smoker allows for. Mine about 2X as long as yours though at 16".
For $25 well worth it imho.
they also make trays, mazes, etc... that do same thing but like you the tube seems ideal. Takes up almost no space.
I give the end a small squirt of fire starter, light, let burn for about a minute and just chuck it in.
Pretty idiot proof on my end.
I use bagged chips from Walmart. Not great quality but cheap and always available where I am.
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MLF, thanks for your post. They are a great tool for producing smoke.
My smoke tube can expand from 7" (2-hour smoke) to 12" (4-hour smoke) or anywhere in between.
It's oval in shape so it won't roll out of place and eliminates misalignment of the smoke holes when resizing.