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Feb 12, 2006
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OK...... as i've mentioned, i'm softening up Whats-her-name to let me spend some money on a front end loader. In the long run, i'll be using it to move snow, move rocks for a wall, and general property care. In the short term, i want to cut down the hill behind my barn to level out the property. I wouldn't be good at guessing how many cubic yards, but certainly two or three ten wheeler loads of dirt. I'm thinking heavily about a Koyker (as ive had many good recommendations), though i'm browsing at them all. Looking at their website, i see they have an 80 on a Kubota BX, and it looks appropriately sized. Since i'd consider my tractor a bit larger than a BX, should i be leaning more toward a 120 (or a competitors equivalent)?? With the 80, i'd need the larger 48" bucket which i believe the 120 comes standard with (my rear footprint is 48"). Since there is only about two hundred dollars difference, would i be better off with the 120, or am i just going to overwork and break my tractor? Similarly (though i'm not sure i can get a mount for my tractor), with the Woods brand, i would be leaning toward the second size up, not the small loader with the single dump cylinder. A single joystick is a MUST, and i'm even thinking ahead... maybe in the future i'd like a set of forks, or other attachments. And..... do any of the loader manufacturers make a skid steer style QT bucket in this size range??

Thanks !

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What you need to do is go to the Koyker web site and look up your model tractor and see what size they offer mounts for.

You will most likely find the FEL sized for your tractor will more than support a load greater than what your tractor can safely handle.

The 155 on my model can more than handle the load the tractor can handle. The front tires are rate at about 900#. Take the load off the tires due to tractor and FEL weight, and much more than a few hunderd pounds will have the tractor overloaded.

Since these tractors rarely have FEL on them in Japan, it is very hard to find any info on front end capacity.
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I think the Koyker 80 is what you're looking for. As someone recently said, with a bigger loader you'll reach the maximum of your tractor's lifting capacity at the same weight as with the smaller's just that more of your load will be metal instead of dirt. Do any of these small loaders have the reach to load a 10yd dump truck?
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I cannot imagine trying to move that much dirt with a FEL. I have a bush hog 1846 QT on my ym2000 and it is great for moving loose dirt, gravel, mulch and is just handier that all get out. With that said, fel's are not really meant to dig with. It can be done but man what a job. Good luck. I would think you would be much better off getting a small dozer or even a bobcat will outdig a fel. Just my $.02.
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Well.... i'll get into this a little more. What i end up doing with too many of my projects is..... saying i need an "xyz" and going out and buying a "xyz". Then.... 90 days later i see a new "abc" that does the same job and an "xyz", but better. So... with that in mind, i'm trying to figure out (by pouring over old posts here for hours and hours) what i'm going to do with my tractor in the long term. I don't see me buying another one for many years. But.... some of the attachments and modifications i see here, i can see me using in the future. Some of these things are boom poles, grapple bucket, and other items i can see me wanting auxilliary outlets for. So.... being new to tractors, i just want to buy the right loader the first time around. You guys are probably right about the Koyker 80 ( or another manufacturers equivalent) being the right size for my tractor. I was also figuring that if in the future, i wanted to have other loader attachments, like... say a snow plow (on the FEL), there are so many manufacturers making QT stuff. If i can buy a loader with a QT bucket as an option new, it would save me money down the road. The same with a loader with an option for a third valve. If there is one available as an option on a new loader, i might think about paying extra for that option since it would save me from adding one down the road. As far as cutting down the hill behind my barn goes..... maybe i'm in la la land. Since i'm new to tractors, and i don't have a very lage one... i could be way off base thinking i'm going to move that dirt with my tractor. I'm not looking to load it into dump trucks either. A friend has a hydraulic dumping trailer i could use to move the dirt (yes.... probably many loads). If my tractor is not suitable for this, well.... thats where my father-in-law will come in, since he has a Bobcat. And again, here i go with the skidsteer QT attachments ! He has several i could borrow !! Anyway.... keep the input coming !!

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A simple toothbar attached to your loader bucket will improve your FEL's ability to dig considerably. It will allow you to dig, break up and move some serious hardpacked fill.
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On a compact tractor getting a bigger loader , usually is not an advantage. The loaders have a lot more capacity than the tractor can handle. Mounting a heavier loader cuts down on the amount that the loader can carry.