Battery powered chainsaw

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Our tools (power heads) do multiple jobs and found that cutting weeds and brush with large strings take the greatest amount of HP and fuel. Sawing wood doesn't take all that much with the little 12" bars our pole saws have.
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Noticed similar with battery pole saw and just how practical it is for trail maintenance... much more than I would have thought.

I don't have the extended length so far weight not an issue.
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I have a Craftsman 19.2 volt 10 inch that takes care of most things around the house, and a SUNJOE pole saw with an 8 inch blade that I use on the farm. It will fit across the back of the tractor seat and is really handy for trimming tree limbs in the pasture. The battery lasts long enough to wear me out....
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who owns owns one ? Brand ?
I just bought a 16" Makita 36V (2x18V batteries) chain saw, and after only 10-12 uses, I am very impressed. I've cut through 6"-8" hardwood trunks and 5"-6" branches, no problem.

This saw replaces an 18" husqvarna gas saw whose carburetor kept gumming-up due to infrequent use, even though I added Sta-Bil to the fuel.

I need a saw I can grab on short notice without fooling around trying to get the engine started. We have 6-7 other Makita 18V tools and a dual battery charger, so having batteries ready is not an issue.

--- Mike
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Still waiting delivery of the Greenworks 80v saw...since I posted about it some posts back, yesterday the county [and others in the state] issued a "severe fire danger" alert and no more firearms, chainsaws [gas], outdoor grilling, etc. Last year, they did this and the ban lasted until December. I only have about 1/4 of this year's firewood cutting done, so like it or not I will find out just how well the battery saw works. I expect to have to limit myself to 12" or smaller diameter trees, but that will work. Fingers crossed.

I also just ordered the 80v string trimmer as I have to cut weeds, grasses around and near the house and our solar panels for wildfire mitigation. The trimmers [gas] are also banned. Do what you gotta do, I guess. At least my battery equipment will use the same batteries and chargers.
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I've thinking about buying a cheap one (Ryobi) I have a 15% off coupon at HD.
A friend has one and he really likes it. Says it has plenty of power and he can put it down, do other things and not have to pull the start rope to get the engine going, Just push the button and start cutting.

I already own 3 gasoline powered saws, and just thought this battery saw is something that would be handy to use around the farm
It is is very handy on a farm. I have a Kobalt. It's a toy, but a damn handy one. It's very light and the most useful thing in the world when I'm picking up after my self pruners (a ton of pecan trees). I also have a Kobalt battery sawzall. That is awesome for clearing a saplings and overgrowth from a fence line.

If you're looking to do some real cutting, get one heavy duty. If you're just looking for something for cleaning up some limbs after a thunderstorm, the Kobalt works great, and it was cheap enough. Under $100, if I recall.
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This has been a good thread for me as I'm in the "thinking about it" stage. My son bought into the Kobalt line of tools because he like Lowes. He's been pretty happy with the saw. I've been a Stihl user for some years, having replaced my 20 inch 034 with a 16 inch 211 a few years back (in defference to my aging body).
The other day, I helped a friend clear some storm damage. He was using a DeWalt with a 12 inch bar. Though I was reasonably impressed by the electric, the gas saw cut circles around it.
All that said, since I'm another Christmas tree farmer, the weight, start-restart, ease of use...might have one on my short list of "still need one" purchases.
Thatnks for starting the thread.
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who owns owns one ? Brand ?
I have a Greenworks 80volt. It lasts about as long as I do! I have extra batteries, so about the time I want a break, I need to change the battery. It charges up pretty fast. I will never go back to a gas chainsaw. Had awful experience with Stihl MS 250, it never started without a lot of coaxing!! The Greenworks starts every time!!
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At the Christmas Tree Farm the gas saws were started hundred plus times a day...

The battery is a joy... one charge good for all day and quiet and no mix fuel.
The Christmas tree farm in the town that I live in hands you a hand powered bow saw when you walk into the field. Customers, not owners do the cutting.
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who owns owns one ? Brand ?
I’ve got the 12” dewalt. Using 2 6ah batteries. Also the 8” pole saw. Works great.


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