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Yeah, that's about what I thought. I think I would have rather had the extra $1500 to spend on implements.
No regrets... Just saying.
Because there's always something.
Maybe if I went the e route, I might have later wished I had the extra hp.
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I just watched this video:
Looking down at the bottom of his spreadsheet, it appears along comparable models, the MF is $3000 less than a JD, and $1500 less than a Kubota.
I bought a Massey gc1723 with a back hoe and loader. I just had dealer add a Grabble bucket. I love it a great little tractor for the money.
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Way cheaper than Deere, and way more bang for the buck. Mine is supposed to get here this week !
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Congrats on your new tractors guy's, you have very nice machines.