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Oct 31, 2007
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Does adding liquid ballast to your tires improve your ride or make it rougher?
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Improved mine. Filled over the tops of the times and then ~15lbs of air pressure. Not sure if it was because of the response of the tires to the water or the weight making it less bouncy.
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Thanks. Trying to kill some of the bounce even with the tire pressure way down. Someone had told me that it would roughen the ride but I wasn't sure if that was true.
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First off I am new to the forum, just got my new 2305, was wondering if anybody knows the exact weight of filling the tires on the rear or front. Not real sure how to read those charts and they don't show the right size tires, so if someone knows could you please let me know thanks Tim D.
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Welcome to the forum! If you fill your 2305 rear tires with RimGuard, you will add approx. 110 lbs per tire. :)
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Thanks that is what i was wanting to know. Where can you find Rim guard and can any tire shop put it in. Do they have to put tubes in the tires.
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They should not put in tubes. If you have tubes, just use water.

Part of the reason you use rimguard or window washer fluid or anti freeze is to keep the rims from rusting. (the other part is to keep it from freezing)

If you do a search for "loaded" or "loaded tires" you'll find lots of info (and opinions) on the subject.

I'll probably be admonished for doing it, but I'm running straight water. It's not cold enough to freeze here and keeping the rim completely submerged should slow the corrosion process. I figure if I get a flat, water won't hurt anything, it's cheap to replace and easy to work with. If I have to replace the rims in 20 years, so be it. You can buy an adapter at Tractor Supply for 10$.
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Just got off the phone with rimguard the rear tires take 8.3 gallons and add 89pounds, then then I called the only dealer near me and it cost 3.50 a gallon to have it put in and that includes the rimguard. they didn't have a chart for the front tires but figured it takes between 3.5 to 4 gallons for the front tires that would add somewhere in the range of 37.5 to 44 pounds. I had a tire dealer give me a quote on doing the rears with calcium chloride and he said $150 per tire:eek: think I will go with rimguard.
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Yep RIM Guard, it is environmentally friendly than calcuim chloride or anti-freeze upon a spill event.
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Nuru said:
Yep RIM Guard, it is environmentally friendly than calcuim chloride or anti-freeze upon a spill event.
....and you don't need tubes. In case of a puncture, you can easily plug the hole without taking the wheel off the tractor.