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May 16, 2006
Lexington, SC
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Sorry if this has come up already, but was wondering if Bad Boy actually designed/manufactured their new line up of tractors, or if they were from another company and rebadged/painted to Bad Boy spec's?? Anyone know? They look pretty nice, actually. I don't plan on buying one, but was just curious more than anything.

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Being made by someone else may be a good thing. ;)

If BB were making them, I would pass. BB doesn't know how to powder coat parts. I say this because every edge of every panel and part has shed its powder coat or is about to. Something went wrong on the edges--Its flaking off. My two-year-old Maverick still looks good until you get up close. At barely 30 hours on the mower, I'm afraid to wash it. A long hot summer stymied any grass growth this year. If we get some rain, I might be mowing grass this fall and winter. Mowing season usually ends in December but starts again in late January or February.
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kukje. Which is now owned by TYM (Tong Yang Moolsan)

It's apparent by that link that there may be a lot of dealers struggling to survive. Seems to be quite a bit of mergers and acquisitions going on. Yet prices keep going up. :rolleyes:
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Oddly enough, Big Tex was one of, if not the largest Branson (Kukje) dealer in the US, but also sells Bad Boy mowers, but not Bad Boy tractors. Of course, since the consolidation of TYM brands, they sell all TYM models.

It would actually be interesting to see them sell both. Basically, for those models you would get a choice of color schemes.
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I've wondered what the Nashville Kioti/TYM dealer says when a customer asks which brand to buy?
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I've wondered what the Nashville Kioti/TYM dealer says when a customer asks which brand to buy?
Don't know. He's certainly not the only guy selling multiple brands. NH nearby sells Mahindra. Of the 3 TYM dealers within 80 miles of here, only the 1 sells just TYM. One sells LS and Zetor, too. The other sells Kioti. I went in already knowing what I want (I'd already seen other dealers on those brands) so they didn't really make a push at all. Some brands may give them better return. If it were me, I'd just start with customer needs and show them all tractors I had that met those needs. I'll grant you that Kioti and TYM are close on a lot of factors. Heck, it may come down to paint color for some people.
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If I wanted a BadBoy tractor, I would rather just buy a legacy TYM (Branson) with 4 digit model number.

Especially given the Bad Boy branded 15 series are the older models that, while nice, can't compare ergonomically to the latest ones.

I will say that the orange looks real nice though.
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