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Sep 20, 2009
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OK the need may be low for most for this saw but I thought it was neat. In helping a guy without speech get a head stone for his family grave plot I was reading up on how they create the large color murals by etching and paint which he selected. Then I was looking at how the stones were mined and ran across this special backhoe with that big chainsaw.

It is amazing how large China is in the creation and shipping of stone products including grave makers.

Fantini Chainsaw machines cutting equipment on a tractor. - YouTube

granite color etch.jpg
Here is an artist in the process of etching/coloring a stone.

This is the type of stone but not the one he purchased.
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Got a link? Steve
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Thanks. I blew past that one. :)

I went to edit the Subject then remember that is not an option on this forum to note it was for stone.
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Wow, I love that backhoe chainsaw, just what I need for clearing trails! :)