Baby squirrels

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Feb 10, 2011
I was transferring firewood to pallets and I was almost done and I found 3 baby squirrels in the wood pile. Their eyes were not open yet.



Here is 2 of them under a pallet.


I took a peice of bark and put the 3rd one under there.
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No problem. I am going to try and keep a eye on them and make sure the mother comes back.
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I had some in the house once. A rescue person took them, got them fattened up, and returned them to my property!

Now I have plenty of squirrels who are bonded by some genetic flaw harassing me.
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I checked on the squirrels and they were gone so I guees their mother got them.
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I checked on the squirrels and they were gone so I guees their mother got them.

I would bet she did. My daughter's Lab took one away from a mother who was moving her babies. The baby wasn't harmed, so she set it back down and put the Lab in the house. Sure enough, in about 15 or 20 minutes here comes Mom, picks up baby and scurrys off.
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I have a killdeer sitting on her nest that I can see from my computer. She has four big eggs, and when we get close she goes off in her broken wing routine to lure us away from the eggs. I'm hoping the chicks hatch and get their legs and wings under them before our cats find the nest. So far, we've let the cats out daily, and they have not found the nest. I hope the parents and all the chicks survive. My wife and I know that anything we do to protect the nest will just draw the attention of the cats, so we will just have to leave this up to Mother Nature.