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Nov 24, 2012
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A buddy called for help trying to get the MMM deck attached. He is doing some caretaking and the owner of the property is gone for a couple months.

When we drove over the deck, we were about 1" shy of fully seating the PTO and the rear "latches" would not make.

I assume to auto connect, the deck is lowered to the floor, the little "flippers" on the rear latches are oriented so the deck can move all the way back. You drive on and it connedts. We could not find the manual and there is nothing I could find on a google search.

Any help would be appreciated. The poor guy really needs the money. He is a bull in a chine shop and I told him to call me before he heads over for another try...I do not want him banging something up. This is a new machine, and it is the first time the mmm has been off.

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Might help to state the model of the tractor and the size of the deck. Both should have tags giving that info along with the s/n.

Add some pics too.
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Just and update for those who may experience the same issue. Went on another tractor forum and got the answer.

The coupler on the shaft of the mower gear box is held on with two set screws. Both had backed out and were finger loose. With the set screws standing proud of the coupler, the coupler could not fully engage into the mid PTO. That caused the deck to sit about 1" too far back and the rear latches would not drop down and engage.

Nothing that cannot be solved with a bit of Locktite and proper torqueing down of set screws.
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It also helps to have the pto set to rear only as this allows the pto to spin free and mate with the deck.