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Dec 6, 2013
Southern Alberta, Canada
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Trying to change the oil for a neighbor and cannot figure out how to open the oil change fitting. It's not a drain plug. It's plastic with a few shallow grips and has a hose zip tied on. The engine is a Kohler. Any help would be apreciated.
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Try pushing the plastic fitting in and turning it a 1/4 turn. Haven't serviced mine yet this year but it sounds like the same quick drain fitting.
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I have a Ariens Zoom 2148 w/21hp Kohler, the drain is just a 1/4" nipple with a 90 deg through the mounting platform with a 1/4" iron plug.
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So I went back to the neighbors this morning armed with a suitable pliers so the I could a descent grip on the oil change fitting. A short twist to the right and I could pull the fitting out enough to let the oil drain. Had some trouble sealing it up again but got it so that the oil wouldn't drip any more. Thanks for the help rope1250. CanuckGT what you are describing is what I would consider a normal oil drain. This one on the 2352 was very different than anything I had seen before. It's a plastic fitting threaded into the block where the normal oil drain would be. It's about a 1.5" long piece with no obvious way of opening. Attached to the fitting is a short piece of clear plastic pipe that the oil is directed down with.